Hwacreate is a high-tech enterprise registered in Zhong Guan Village Science and Technology Park, and it got listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange market in Jan 2010, whose stock code is 300045.

The company consists of four divisions and one owned subsidy, namely satellite navigation, signal processing, simulation & test, antenna technology and Beijing Hwacreate Star Technology Co., Ltd. . It focuses on R&D, manufacture and sale of technologies and products of satellite navigation, radar and communication, navigation and communication antenna and embedded system in complicated electromechanical industries of aviation, aerospace, ship and emulation training. Hwacreate possesses quality system certificates and related industrial professional certificates. Its core products include Beidou satellite navigation chips, user machines, application modules and their corresponding simulated test devices, designated antenna for satellite navigation, embedded modules and simulated test devices for radar and communication system, computer simulation and test platform for complicated electromechanical system and computer simulation application development services, which are applied in industries of aviation, aerospace, ship, defense electronics, electrical power, automobile, high-speed rail transportation and communication.

Hwacreate spares no efforts to keep and improve technology innovation capability by establishing sustainable development mechanism for R&D organization construction, R&D team building and R&D investment, which serves the strong guarantee for the continuous enhancement of technology innovation capability. With long time development and accumulation, Hwacreate develops professional expertise and possesses numbers of core technologies in satellite navigation simulation and test, development of satellite navigation chip and receiver, hardware-in-the-loop and RF simulation test and simulation application development.

Hwacreate aims to becoming an industry leading enterprise in three to five years by instantly improving company core competence and a global leading high-tech enterprise in ten years with the development strategy of technology creation and innovation going first, and the products development strategy of universal products coupled with customization services.

The headquarters is located in Beijing with branches or offices in Shanghai, Chengdu and Changsha and sale network across the country.