"Fine, broad and deep" create "beidou" brand

Date:2013年6月7日 17:56

"Quick!" This is the social from all walks of life to accelerate the development of the drum and call beidou navigation application. With beidou system space signal interface control document, this receiver is developed and chip essential technical documents released, more and more market main body will march to beidou navigation application industry. Experts predict that by the middle of the year, foreign production of the beidou navigation application products will start pouring into the domestic, this means that we in the acceleration of self growth at the same time, also will face a more complicated competition in the external. How to make the "beidou" constellation of fai setting as the driving force of economic and social development, it has jumped out of the simple "research" subject category, become a system, huge challenges difficult proposition "innovation".


Big dipper in the sky, the ground seeks. How to find?


A "fine". As a rising star of the big dipper, in order to realize the GPS with the United States, Russia, "GLONASS" (GLONASS), "GALILEO" (GALILEO) in the European Union and other satellite navigation system on the application of line, first of all should catch up, to do fine and stronger technically, through breakthrough core technology improving beidou civilian terminal integrated ability. Make terminal equipment more miniaturization, low power consumption, low cost, in the navigation chips, modules, such as the basis and core bottleneck on accumulating more internationally competitive products of independent intellectual property rights, the beidou system to release more potential applications.


2 "wide". We must expand the beidou system multi-level multi-channel comprehensive application: by building a comprehensive information service platform, the organic integration of satellite communications and other means of communication, complementary advantages, meet the demand of government, industries, regions and mass consumption; By strengthening the top-level design, perfect the policies and standards for construction, pushing forward the construction of the demonstration project for the big dipper in the field of electricity, communications, transportation, and other important application building powerful guarantee; Actively promote beidou with other global satellite navigation system compatibility and interoperability, through international association, alliance, academic conferences and other channels, make big dipper fully appear on the world stage.


3 "deep". Dig the public diversified consumer demand, and actively explore the combining site, and other emerging industry innovation navigation and location service application of the new model. Focus on integration of indoor and outdoor positioning, high precision navigation electronic maps, car networking information service platform, LBS deepen constantly enrich, provide navigation, emergency rescue, information query, entertainment, business and more diversified, high quality service. For "pure" with strong roots, seeks the "wide" to promote the development, seeks the "deep" for long term. Do fine, wide, deep, to let the big dipper, the condensation countless wisdom and efforts of national brands, realize for the people to seek.


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