The first of a new generation of beidou navigation satellite launch beidou system by the regional operation to global expansion


52 points on 30 March 21, xichang satellite launch center in China with a long March 3 c rocket, success will be the first of a new generation of beidou navigation satellite launch, the satellite into orbit. The star of the successful launch, mark the beidou satellite navigation system in our country launched by the regional operation to global expansion.

The launch rocket for the first time on the increased level of independent aircraft, vividly called "space shuttle buses," will one or more of the spacecraft in space directly into different tracks. This is the first time in our country adopts the technology high orbit spacecraft missions.

Chief designer of beidou satellite navigation system Yang Changfeng said that a new generation of beidou navigation satellite will promote international cooperation, provide support for all the way "area" construction. His introduction, the beidou system since the end of 2012 to provide large parts of Asia Pacific operation services, covering Asia Pacific service signal monitoring and evaluation showed that the system performance meets the demand of 10 meters indicators, such as the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) low latitudes position precision can reach 5 meters. With beidou network and the application of steady progress, the beidou system in the field of international multilateral and bilateral, global satellite navigation system with the United Nations, countries and relevant international organizations, extensive international cooperation, on the one hand, actively push into the international civil aviation, the international maritime, mobile communications and other international organizations, on the other hand, actively promote the international community service, such as "asean" "the taihang", helps some southeast Asian countries in satellite navigation application solutions design, beidou products in the local popularization.

The drive and the silk road economic belt and the 21st century the vision and action of the Marine silk road ", points out that infrastructure interconnectivity is "in" construction priority areas. "' 'all the way to realize the connectivity, beidou system in information networking, precise location, command and monitor display own superiority, etc." Yang Changfeng said.

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