Beidou added to 19 total binary satellite navigation system


According to report of xinhua China 25 successful launch of two beidou navigation satellite, increase the total number of beidou satellite navigation system to 19. The big dipper "twin brothers", will assume "pioneer" mission for beidou global networking.

, according to chief designer xie beidou navigation satellite system as the main satellites of the global network beidou system, a new launch beidou binary will be built for the Chinese global navigation satellite system to carry out comprehensive validation, lay a foundation for the subsequent global networking satellite.


Xie said: "this is the first to bear the binary on-orbit validation global satellite navigation system overall scheme and technical system. Signal format, for one, the use of it is a new signal format, with independent intellectual property rights in the area of network navigation satellite navigation signal data based on extend more than doubled. This means that the same time, navigation satellite signals can send more, better and faster to meet user needs."

Experts said that this "brothers" to verify its range, anti-jamming performance, etc. In addition, they also validated for the first time using the link between the star in the space technology, will be launched in March this year the connectivity between beidou satellites to realize star, global networking test work together.

The two satellites will also take the lead in detecting the electromagnetic and the space environment, global navigation satellite monitoring navigation satellite jamming signal, provides the anti-jamming performance design basis for the satellite, developed for subsequent satellite accumulation of solid data.

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