• 产品名称: HwaNavChip-1 BD/GPS

HwaNavChip - 1 is to make Beijing China through science and technology development co., LTD., with a fully independent intellectual property rights of BD - 2 multiple frequency precision navigation/GPS baseband chip, the chip can simultaneously receive "beidou ii system B3 and B1 point/GPS L1 frequency points, realize the system integrated navigation positioning and timing functions. Chips with multi-frequency HwaNavChip - 1 double system, beidou precision ranging code, to adapt to the advanced features such as high dynamic carrier, completely out of the abroad is given priority to with GPS satellite navigation system of our country's monopoly, fill in the our country independent satellite navigation chip application in the field of national defense blank, break through the foreign to our country national defense high dynamic navigation equipment used in the field of technical constraints and product the embargo. And the chip launch also make satellite navigation terminal equipment smaller, lower power consumption, higher integration, can be widely used in national defense, land survey, communication network, power grids, transportation, security monitoring and other fields.

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