The 7th China international defense electronics exhibition grand opening


The 7th China international defense electronics exhibition in 2010 on May 12 solstice 14 exhibition held in Beijing.


The China international exhibition on defense electronics by the ministry of industry and information technology, the PLA general armaments department and electronic information department and international cooperation, China's electronic information industry group co., LTD., approval and support; By the China electronics import and export corporation, CLP technology international trade co., LTD. And Beijing xinlong electronic new technology companies host; By the China electronic international exhibition advertising co., LTD.


China international defense electronics exhibition held the first since 1998, by the people's liberation army headquarters and the support and help of the competent department of the government, the military system, military electronics companies, trade distributors and end users, as well as scientific research institutes. More than a decade, the exhibition effect and the pursuit of increasing scale of exhibition, exhibition effect is remarkable.


The exhibition on display in Beijing exhibition hall no. 1,2,3,4,5,7,12 pavilion, area of nearly fifteen thousand square meters, about 300 exhibitors, they are from China, the United States, Switzerland, Germany, France, Singapore, Japan, Norway, Finland, Britain, Austria, and Chinese Hong Kong and Taiwan, China and other 13 countries and regions. Main scope of exhibits communication electronics, information systems, command and control system, computer information system security products, military electronic components, avionics, air traffic control system, fire control system, radar systems, electronic warfare equipment, electronic support/intelligence reconnaissance system, anti-terrorism technology specialized equipment, visual system, laser and optoelectronic products, military power, related equipment and testing equipment, security products and equipment.


During the exhibition, but also will organize "the 3rd international conference on testing and instrument application". BBS on military electronics technology development and discussion of the issues in actual application. BBS and seminars held, will provide participants with a communication, communication, learn from each other, good platform to promote the development of trade.


At present, the electronic information technology as the core of high and new technology rapid development, and can widely used in military field, made by modern warfare "steel" spelling than to fight "chip", electronic information technology has become one of the important factors that decided the war. As a great event in the field of defense electronics, held this exhibition, defense electronics information technology at home and abroad will be a comprehensive display of the latest research results, to expand China's defense electronics market, vigorously promote international exchanges and cooperation in the field; At the same time, will also accelerate the process of informatization construction of our army to play an active role in promoting.

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