China's successful launch of the seventh beidou navigation satellite To meet the annual satellite launch 15 war


This site xichang, 18 dec (zhen-yu tang Reporter Sun Baochen, ling-li) today at 20 points, 4 in xichang satellite launch center in China to use "long March 3 armour" carrier rocket, success will be the seventh beidou navigation satellite into space is scheduled to transfer orbit. So far, this year our country space launch, 15 were conducted all succeed.

The seventh beidou navigation satellite is a tilt the earth synchronous orbit satellite, also is our country launches this year 5 networking satellite beidou navigation system. Beidou satellite navigation system is China's independent development, independent operation of the global satellite navigation system, in accordance with the "three-step" development strategy, the beidou satellite navigation system will be 2012 years ago in the capacity of regional services in the asia-pacific region, around 2020, built by more than 30 satellites, ground and all kinds of user terminal, covering large space systems around the world. The successful launch of beidou navigation satellite, 7 showed that beidou satellite navigation system network construction is smoothly as planned, launched in the next few years will continue in networking.

The launch of a satellite and carrier rocket respectively by China aerospace science and technology group corporation, China academy of space technology and China academy of launch vehicle technology development. This is the 136th long march rocket flight.

Experts said that the successful launch of beidou navigation satellite, 7 year for China's space launch drew a satisfactory full stop. 15 satellite launch the success, show that the rocket, satellite steadily improve product quality, reliability and security, further improve markedly enhance its capability of launch, measurement and control technology more mature. At present, along with the rapid development of China's space industry, satellite launch has entered the high density phase, are becoming the norm. In the next few years, will also be launched dozens of satellites, propel the development of the aerospace industry, to serve the national economic construction.

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