Satellite navigation and intelligent transportation will bring unprecedented opportunities


Satellite navigation and intelligent transportation, satellite navigation, and an important direction of the development of the intelligent transportation applications. In 2012 China's beidou satellite navigation system formally began large-scale application. Chinese satellite navigation and positioning association executive vice President, treasurer, secretary-general miao is the former think China satellite navigation industry development in the future will face several big trend:


Big big dipper time: when the beidou application to become a reality, the Chinese into the era of beidou navigation satellite navigation. Not just because of beidou navigation system with the first generation and second generation products, beidou satellite navigation system has been integrated into the big family of the global satellite navigation system. Which has its own unique advantages in the design of the system. Navigation system and communication system, satellite system connected together of the time, already is not only a navigation system.


Big application era: beidou big applications, satellite navigation application has become a trend. Big beidou satellite navigation application have system. How to beidou great application prospects in various industry.


For "we already have mature GPS," why do we use beidou such questions, we have several reasons: first, the beidou satellite system structure makes beidou navigation signal of high-rise buildings in the city area availability is larger than that of GPS is superior. Second, the beidou satellite system so that the signal of the big dipper can sync with earth, the initial positioning time is much shorter than GPS. Usually at about 25 seconds, beidou positioning, for the first time will be finished and GPS often need 1 minute 2 minutes or longer. Third, our country from a strategic height on the enhancement of beidou shall be enhanced system, the current has been completed from the decimeter level, centimeter level, big dipper of the millimeter precision enhance system construction. In wuhan, also in Beijing, tianjin and other places to complete the regional level precision positioning network construction. Communications and Internet has high integration, due to the emergence of intelligent terminals, mobile Internet is present geometric series momentum of development. With the localization of satellite navigation system, satellite positioning, navigation, timing, and other functions will be the same as basic information service, extensive and in-depth integration with communication network in all walks of life. MinYongHua beidou navigation system socialization, popularization application will bring unprecedented advantages and intelligent traffic management and help.


Industry trends: different areas in different industries in application of beidou system comes to different industry demand, which is the flagship of the strategic emerging industries. Satellite navigation and location services and intelligent transportation integration, inevitably leads to the development of intelligent transportation industry promotes greatly.


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