China's successful launch of a new generation of beidou navigation satellite


52 points on 30 March 21, China in xichang satellite launch center, long March 3 c rocket, success will be the first of a new generation of beidou navigation satellite launch, the satellite into orbit. The star of the successful launch of China's beidou satellite navigation system launched by the regional operation to global expansion.


Beidou satellite navigation system is China's independent construction, independent operation, and the rest of the world's satellite navigation system compatible with common global satellite navigation system, can be all-weather and all day on a global scale for all kinds of users provide reliable positioning, speed, high accuracy and timing services, and with short message communication skills.


The launch of a new generation of beidou navigation satellite is China's 17 beidou navigation satellite launch, will carry out the new navigation signal system, the link between the star test work, provide the basis for global networking construction of beidou satellite navigation system.


On rocket for the first time the launch, but also increase the level of independent aircraft, the expedition one level above. Expedition one level above vividly called "space shuttle buses," will one or more of the spacecraft in space directly into different tracks. This is the first time China adopt the technology high orbit spacecraft missions.


It is understood that China's beidou satellite navigation system to China at the end of 2000 and the surrounding areas to provide services, at the end of 2012 officially running services to most of Asia Pacific region, the transportation, Marine fisheries, hydrological monitoring, weather forecasting, geodesy, intelligent driving test, disaster relief and disaster mitigation, mobile navigation, vehicle navigation, and many other fields, has produced a wide range of economic and social benefits.


The launch of a new generation of satellite beidou navigation satellite, by the Chinese academy of sciences and the Shanghai government cooperation of small satellite engineering center in Shanghai. To launch the task of the long March 3 c rocket developed by China aerospace science and technology group company, this is the 204th long march rocket flight


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