"Open, connected, and win-win" - China to make academic annual meeting at the sixth China satellite navigation


On May 13 to 15, 2015, the sixth China satellite navigation academic conference (2015) CSNC in xi 'an qujiang international convention center. Create beidou industrialization leading enterprise in China, China was invited to attend, and through the academic exchanges, new product release, a series of activities such as exhibition shows the latest achievements in the field of satellite navigation industry company.

To make this annual meeting, China shows focus on independent innovation of beidou navigation series chips, navigation terminal, simulator and industry application solutions, etc. Highlight the company in the field of beidou satellite navigation "chip - module - terminal - test - solution" the whole industrial chain technology and the product layout. At the same time, the company also on display for the first time the "integration of satellite communications and navigation baseband chips", the chip is a major breakthrough in satellite application of core technology, the satellite "guide integration" trendsetter. Beidou applications, the company unveiled "construction safety online monitoring system based on beidou high precision", become another bright spot beidou high precision applications.

During the exhibition, visitors to the audience an endless stream from all over the world, the company's display products and solutions has caused many in the industry, experts and media attention. Relevant competent leadership and experts carefully to understand the various exhibits, and the diversification of product variety, industry application of marketization and industrialization, they also gave high expectations for the company development.

Sponsored by the national departments of beidou navigation academic annual meeting has become a big industry one of the big event, regardless of the scale, level and influence are on the increase year by year. China to make through the whole journey to participate in this annual meeting, fully shows the company in the latest technology and results in the field of satellite navigation industry, show the company as the strength of the beidou industrialization leading enterprises in China, highlights the company in the domestic industrialization of beidou advantage position in the field of core technology.

To make sense now, China has entered a new stage of development, scale development stage. Make sense in the future, China will cling to the opportunity of developing strategic emerging industry, combining with the beidou system construction and the application of beidou industry development policy, insist on "based on national defense, civilian market" market development strategy, enhance the company core competitiveness, and strive to become the industry leading enterprises, and for ten years, efforts to become internationally competitive high-tech leading enterprise's goal to forge ahead.




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