"Beidou yao global bright Chinese dream" -- China to make general appearance Chinese satellite navigation and location service


On July 25, xichang satellite launch center in "long March 3 b/expedition one" carrier rocket successfully will be 2 new generation beidou navigation satellite launch, mark the beidou satellite navigation system construction goal solid step is covered all over the world. Which has been widely used in surveying and mapping, transportation, Marine fisheries, electric power, energy, land planning, fine agriculture, and numerous professional fields such as emergency rescue, disaster prevention and reduction, and the mass consumer electronics such as smart phones, car navigation field. Beidou based on China, is moving towards the world.

2015 "the fourth session of China's satellite navigation and position of the annual meeting and exhibition service" to "beidou yao bright Chinese dream" as the theme, show us the beautiful blueprint of beidou application and industrial development.

To make Beijing China through science and technology co., LTD., established in the convention and exhibition activities. To make sense in this exhibition, China will focus on display include beidou/GPS real time closed loop type satellite navigation signal simulator, military/civilian module, beidou rd car machine, handheld user machine series, high accuracy antenna, etc.



Time: on September 24 to 25, 2015

Location: Beijing national convention center

Booth: B1, B2

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