China to make 2014 revenue exceeds 2014, big dipper business growth by 135% to 170 million yuan


The company released 2014 annual report.

During the reporting period, the realization of the business income is 403 million yuan, up 32.82% from a year earlier. Profit total 44.6384 million yuan, up 351.32% from a year earlier. Attributable to common shareholders of listed companies net profit of 47.0211 million yuan, up 227.74% from a year earlier.

In 2014, the company's main business income rise, mainly is caused by the rapid growth of beidou navigation business. Company seize the "beidou no. 2" networking success and running of the favorable opportunity, big dipper business maintained rapid growth. At the same time, the big dipper military orders, complete the mass production and delivery, beidou satellite navigation business implementation business income is 170 million yuan, up 135.09% from a year earlier, the business leapfrog growth.

In addition, the company continuously enhance product stability in the field of radar, communication, improve product delivery ability, realize the business income is 62.1481 million yuan, up 42.28% from a year earlier, the business has grown steadily.

In 2014 with the construction and operation of beidou system continue to push forward, satellite navigation and position of service industry development in our country industrialization as the core, according to the construction of beidou system and its application to get fast growth industry.

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