New type of commercial information system integrated test platform


Information system integrated test platform is mainly used for complete new commercial information system between systems integration and automation of verification test, at the same time provide intersect with the other information system of systems (core system, airborne avionics maintenance system and the cabin system) integrated authentication function and interface, support the integrated avionics system verification test.


Information system integrated test platform to realize the bottom-up incremental test, includes the subsystems of equipment level testing, integration testing, system integration testing, etc.


The functional description


Based on the digital semi-physical simulation platform, to provide information to internal subsystems and peripheral crosslinking system interface signal incentive.


To realize equipment through the logical model simulation, complete information system internal and external crosslinking equipment functional test.


By RS485 remote control module and power distribution cabinet, all real equipment distribution program.


Through RS485 remote control module and wiring ark, realization of the simulation equipment and real switch.


Cooperate with simulation equipment of excitation signal, realizes the bottom-up incremental testing.

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