WindRiver and existing PrismTech jointly launched the SDR solution


Military industry, the public sector and commercial mobile devices for radio equipment requirements are constantly improve. They hope that the next generation of products should be reduced volume, reduce the energy consumption at the same time provide a more powerful function and capacity. It is this market demand prompted the radio technology from the static, single user, based on the present situation of the hardware platform to more flexible and convenient configuration of software radio (SDR) transition.


WindRiver and existing PrismTech work together in a global market introduced a complete set of high performance general SDR solution, hardware platform can support a wide range of a third party. The solution combined the WindRiver high-performance operating system and WindRiver Workbench development environment, into the existing PrismTech Spectra CX SDR development platform, support the rapid deployment of the radio, waveform debugging and development. From WindRiver aspects, the COTS solutions inherited WindRiver VxWorks 6 real-time operating system, complete the SDR operating environment, support high-performance SCA 2.2.2 and POSIX PSE 52 compliant run - time library. From the aspects of the existing PrismTech, the scheme includes SCA miniaturization core framework and embedded object request broker, implements the highly integrated and optimized software radio stack. Wind River - existing PrismTech SDR total solution support the world's leading third party COTS hardware platform, so as to achieve the rapid integration of the world's advanced level of platform, accelerate the pace to enter the market, reduce the project risk.

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