Barcelona - expo families see shining alpine regions "projection show"


As providing visual solutions in the field of business, entertainment and industrial enterprises, families will see very pleased to announce the deeply involved in the 2010 world expo in Shanghai is located in the urban best practices area (UBPA) Barcelona - alpine regions pavilion. Including families LX505, secco Roadie HD + 35 k and depending on the Roadster S + 20 k projector, such as more than 30 sets of families regard visual solutions jointly lit up one of the highlight of the event, creative "projection". 18 minutes of night vision performance show the night scene is full of artistic colorific, with the theme of Shanghai world expo "city, better life".


Barcelona - alpine regions of the pavilion "the city of lights" shows the energy conservation and sustainable design. Which makes use of the lighting system of energy-saving, environmental protection, lit up the urban best practices area some of the selected area. Barcelona - alpine regions, meanwhile, combined with the view of visual solutions, using the stunning visual display technology, for the masses to present a beautiful description of "projection" of city life.


Apparent in recent years the development of China in the left the footprint of the impressive, including opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing summer games, in 2009 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of China's birth in Beijing Opera turandot. See, begin from 2007, were become "into the world expo -- China 2010 Shanghai world expo and expo retrospective exhibition" visual solutions of large tour sponsors, all provinces and cities in China, Hong Kong, China and the United Nations headquarters in New York, has attracted millions of viewers from around the world.

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