China's successful launch of the fourth beidou navigation satellite


Site xichang in today's 23 53 points, xichang satellite launch center in China with the "long March 3 c rocket, success will be the fourth beidou navigation satellite into space orbit, it marks the beidou satellite navigation system network construction is an important step.


China's satellite navigation system under special management office director introduces, the BeiDou satellite navigation system (COMPASS, Chinese transliteration name BeiDou), are in accordance with the "three-step" development strategy and steadily move. The first step has been implemented, from 2000 to 2000, China successfully launched three beidou navigation experimental satellite, set up perfect beidou navigation test system, become the world's third after the United States, Russia with independent satellite navigation system of the country. The second step, 2012 years ago, the beidou satellite navigation system will be the first to provide coverage in the Asia Pacific region positioning, navigation, timing, and short message service ability of communication. At present, has successfully launched three beidou navigation satellite, and stepped into the stage of intensive satellite launch network. The third step in around 2020, built by 5 geostationary orbit satellites and global coverage of 30 non stationary orbit satellite beidou satellite navigation system.


Space of the satellite navigation system is an important infrastructure, it is widely used in different areas of economic and social. At present, the beidou satellite navigation system has been successfully applied in surveying and mapping, telecommunications, water conservancy, fishery, transportation, forest fire prevention, disaster reduction and relief, and national security, and many other areas, the remarkable economic benefits and social benefits. Especially in the sichuan wenchuan, yushu in qinghai has played a very important role in earthquake relief.


The launch of a satellite and carrier rocket respectively by China aerospace science and technology group corporation, China academy of space technology and China academy of launch vehicle technology development. This is the 124th long march rocket flight.


China make sense has been committed to the beidou satellite navigation system ground terminal equipment r &d and production work, has been to provide customers the high quality of beidou navigation satellite signal simulator, the beidou satellite navigation receiver and beidou satellite navigation users machine and other products, obtained the customer consistent high praise.


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