Fifth beidou navigation satellite launch in China


On August 1, 5, xichang satellite launch center in China with the "long March 3 armour" carrier rocket, success will be the fifth beidou navigation satellite into space is scheduled to transfer orbit. This is a tilt the earth synchronous orbit satellite, is our country this year the launch of the third consecutive network satellite beidou navigation system.

China's satellite navigation system under special management office director introduces, beidou satellite navigation system as the independent development of our country, global satellite navigation system of autonomous running, is the national important spatial information infrastructure is under construction. The system can provide high precision, high reliable positioning, navigation and timing services, with the combination of navigation and communication services characteristics, through the development of 19 years, in the surveying and mapping, fishery, transportation, telecommunications, water conservancy, forest fire prevention, disaster reduction and relief, and has been applied many fields, such as national security, produce remarkable economic benefit and social benefit.

In accordance with the "three-step" development strategy, the beidou satellite navigation system will be 2012 years ago in the capacity of regional services in the asia-pacific region, was built around 2020 by more than 30 satellites, ground and all kinds of user terminal, covering large space systems around the world. The construction application of the beidou satellite navigation system, to realize our country aerospace group developed from a single star to batch production, from the policy success to protect network, from satellite as the core to the system as the core, from the industry users to mass-market oriented historic transformation.

The launch of a satellite and carrier rocket used respectively by the China aerospace science and technology group co., LTD belongs to China academy of space technology and China academy of launch vehicle technology development. This is the 126th long march rocket flight.

China to make communication satellite navigation group has focused on beidou satellite navigation system of test equipment and receiving terminal design and manufacture, big dipper was determined to set up the national industry standard.

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