China's successful launch of the sixth beidou navigation satellite



Xichang 1 nov this website today 0 26 points, xichang satellite launch center in China with the "long March 3 c rocket, success will be the sixth beidou navigation satellite into space, this is our country this year continuous network satellite launch of the fourth beidou navigation system.

BeiDou satellite navigation system (COMPASS, Chinese transliteration name BeiDou), as China's independent development, independent operation of the global satellite navigation system, is the national important spatial information infrastructure is under construction. Through the development of 19 years, beidou system in surveying and mapping, fishery, transportation, telecommunications, water conservancy, forest fire prevention, disaster reduction and relief, and has been applied many fields, such as national security, produce remarkable economic benefit and social benefit. Especially in the sichuan wenchuan, yushu in qinghai has played a very important role in earthquake relief.

Beidou satellite navigation system is one of the four big suppliers in today's global satellite navigation system. Beidou system construction, promote the global cooperation and development in the field of satellite navigation, promote the technological progress of the global satellite navigation system.

In accordance with the "three-step" development strategy, the beidou satellite navigation system will be 2012 years ago in the capacity of regional services in the asia-pacific region; Around 2020, global coverage ability in service. China's satellite navigation system management office in the launch on the rocket for the first time use the beidou satellite navigation system. Blue circle logo contains the big dipper, SiNa, grid elements such as earth and beidou satellite navigation system in both Chinese and English names, indicate beidou star system, with high precision and high reliable for global positioning, navigation and timing services industry characteristics, to show its open compatible, towards the world, the construction of the global service tenet.

The launch of a satellite and carrier rocket respectively by China aerospace science and technology group corporation, China academy of space technology and China academy of launch vehicle technology development. This is the 133th long march rocket flight.

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